Chief Strategist and Lead Consultant for BoardBOS, LLC., the premier board
effectiveness and governance program

Childhood Ambition

Veterinarian – and to drive a lemon-lime Trans Am!

First Job

As an 11-year-old I would get on a school bus at 7am in the summer and head
to the fields to pick strawberries. We were paid in cash every time you finished
filling a flat. I loved the immediate reward for a job well done and the chance
to be outside all day!

I work best…

When I am surrounded by engaged individuals that trust each other and are
working towards the same goals


My grandfather, he landed on D-Day and fought through to the Battle of the
Bulge. He returned home and worked hard to create for his family a stable
environment where his sons could excel. He was truly a member of the Greatest

Perfect Day

A hot cup of coffee on the screened-in porch, a walk with the dogs, a day on the
dock with a good book, a slow-putter around the lake on the boat, a long lazy
dinner with friends, ending with a nightcap back on the screened-in porch.


James Taylor

Favorite Quote

“What you say when you listen is invaluable.” – Thomas Friedman

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